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  Comm Ct - July 30, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -May 28, 2019.doc
CC Agenda-Budget 5-6-19 Jack County Judge00590720190430093803.pdf
Jack County TX Disclosure Report 2017.pdf
Comm Ct-March 15, 2018.docx
Comm Ct-January 8, 2018-11 AM.doc
Jack County Judge00020720180427093321.pdf
Comm Ct -June 24, 2019.doc
Comm Ct - December 19, 2018.doc
Comm Ct-February 11, 2019.doc
Jack County Burn Ban July 2018.pdf
CC Agenda 090718.pdf
Agenda for March 23 2018.doc
Comm Ct - August 29, 2018 Corrected.doc
Comm Ct -June 10, 2019.doc
Notice of Public Hearing Web FY19.docx
Comm Ct- April 23, 2018.doc
Agenda for May 17, 2019.docx
CC Agenda 1-22-18.pdf
Comm Ct - May 30, 2019-Budget Workshop.doc
Agenda for January 19 2018.doc
AMENDED Comm Ct - August 20, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -September 10, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -January 2, 2019.doc
Revised CC Agenda 5-23-18.pdf
Comm Ct - November 20, 2018.doc
Agenda for September 28 2018 (003).doc
Comm Ct -February 12, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -December 10, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -March 12, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - November 26, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -Amended September 27, 2018.doc
Agenda for February 15 2019.docx
Comm Ct -June 11, 2018.doc
Modified Proposed Budget FY18.pdf
Utilities Report 2016.pdf
Notice of Bill Pay Payroll Mtgs thru 2018.pdf
Comm Ct -Amended November 7, 2018.doc
Comm Ct June 11, 2019-Budget Workshop.doc
Comm Ct - August 27, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - June 25, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - May 29, 2019-Budget Workshop.doc
Tx Comptroller Annual Debt Report FY17.pdf
CC Agenda 5-6-19 Jack County Judge00589620190429141423.pdf
Comm Ct-March 11, 2019.doc
CC Agenda 3-26-1802781420180321115041.pdf
Comm Ct - August 17, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - September 4, 2018.doc
Agenda for October 26, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - August 23, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - August 13, 2018.doc
CC Agenda 5-13-1900606020190510074652.pdf
Comm Ct - October 22, 2018.doc
Proposed FY19 Budget.pdf
Comm Ct - September 24, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - August 6, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -Amended July 30, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - April 22, 2019-Budget Workshop.doc
CC Agenda 5-23-18.pdf
Comm Ct - November 13, 2018.doc
Agenda for June 15 2018.doc
Waste Disposal Permit.pdf
Comm Ct - May 28, 2019-Budget Workshop.doc
Comm Ct - July 23, 2018.doc
CC Agenda 090618.pdf
CC Agenda 7-8-19.pdf
Comm Ct-April 8, 2019.doc
Comm Ct -May 30, 2018.doc
Comm Ct - August 20, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -July 9, 2018.doc
Adopted Budget FY19.pdf
Comm Ct -August 3, 2018.doc
Agenda for April 27 2018 (003).doc
Jack County Audit Report 093017.pdf
Comm Ct - April 22, 2019.doc
Notice of 2018 Tax Yr Proposed Property Tax Rate Website.docx
Comm Ct -April 9, 2018.doc
Comm Ct-February 16, 2018-11 AM.doc
CC Agenda 2-25-19.pdf
Comm Ct- March 26, 2018.doc
Agenda for January 18 2019.docx
Agenda for mARCH 15, 2019.docx
Comm Ct -February 26, 2018.doc
Comm Ct-January 28, 2019.doc
Comm Ct-January 8, 2018.doc
Comm Ct-March 25 2019.doc
Comm Ct -May 14, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -October 8, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -February 2, 2018.doc
Comm Ct -October 29, 2018.doc
Payroll Agenda 2019.docx
Adopted Budget FY18.pdf
Comm Ct - August 29, 2018.doc
2ND AMENDED Comm Ct - August 20, 2018.doc
BurnBan-Restricting Outdoor Burr02773620180315155758.pdf
Utilities Report 2015.pdf
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