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What is a Constable?

In 1836, the Constitution of THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS established Constables as primary Law Enforcement Administrators, whose stature is still upheld under article 2.12 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Constables are elected to four-year terms of office and are commissioned by the Governor of Texas as Law Enforcement Agencies just as the Sheriff′s Department or Texas Department of Public Safety. In fact, according to the Texas Government Code, Section 411.009(a), The Constable is an associate member of the Texas Department of Public Safety and given that same authority.

Constables are the Officers of the Justice of the Peace Court. A Constable is considered to be the "Peoples Police" because of their Constitutional origin. Constables are given Constitutional authority to enforce Civil and Criminal laws. State and City Police Officers are given the authority to enforce Criminal laws.

There are approximately 760 elected Constables in the State of Texas. In 2000, there were 2,630 full-time deputies and 418 reserve deputies working for the 760 constables′ offices in Texas. Of this number, 35% were primarily assigned to patrol, 33% to serving process, 12% to court security, and 7% to criminal investigations.

Finally, constables and their deputies in Texas are official, certified Texas law-enforcement officers. Constables and their deputies must graduate from a state certified law enforcement academy. All peace officers in Texas are trained to the same state requirement. Constables also have identical powers of arrest as county sheriffs and their deputies.

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